Playing Hookie : noun \ˈhu̇-kē\ [skipping obligations to have fun]

HookieLife Entertainment LLC is a partnership between Dark Water Entertainment, LLC and Mystic Vibes 6.0, LLC dedicated to the promotion and preservation of West Indian culture in the Washington, DC metropolitan area and beyond. Our organization has over 20 years of experience in the production and execution of various events in the DC Metropolitan Region, Miami, and Bermuda. HookieLife Entertainment LLC continues to develop our series of events with varying scales and scope with the goal of providing cultural events, education, and entertainment to nationally and internationally.


The partnership came together in the summer of 2009, as Mystic Vibes 6.0 and Dark Water Entertainment worked together to produce ‘Release Therapy party’ a Thursday night event on the eve of DC Carnival weekend.  With common goals and a great working relationship the decision was made to expand the partnership.  In 2010, the idea of a Friday day party came to fruition in the form of Hookie D.C. The event had modest beginnings that quickly gave way into what has become a spectacular production that draws over 4,000 patrons from Canada to the Caribbean.  Since the inception of Hookie D.C. the portfolio of events has grown to include Lion’s Pride J’Ouvert, which pays homage to the traditional pre-dawn opening to the Carnival. The J’Ouvert has exploded into a raucous celebration of paint and powder that has seen increasing support since its’ addition in 2014.

The HookieLife brand has certainly developed a reputation for bringing the party to any city or event. This has been the result of tireless work to ensure a wonderful patron experience. As the brand and events have gotten more popular, attracting thousands of patrons to our events every year, the  focus on experience has not wavered. We are committed to saving people work (and life) and to have a time doing it. Live the HookieLife with us.